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I went to the library yesterday.
Recently, I often go there.
The latest library is so convenient.

We can reserve the book by using the Internet.
So, I often reserve the English magazine “English Journal” or something like that to study English.
I can not speak English so well.
I have to practice step by step.

If you are English speaker,please feel free to contact me.
Maybe,I can help you study Japanese.
Let's practice!

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My hometown (Iwakuni City) and visit Imabari City コメント(2)読む・投稿する
Last week, I went back to my hometown.
My hometown is Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi prefecture.
Iwakuni City is located at Chugoku region, near Hiroshima City which is famous for the peace memorial park, Atomic bomb dome and Itsukushima shrine.

In Iwakuni, there is the famous bridge, “Kintai Bridge”.
It has unique structure of the arches.
It was constructed to protect the floods.
You could see the details with this site.
“Kintai Bridge”

It takes about 1 hour from Hiroshima City by train or car.
It takes about 2 and half hours from Imabari to Hiroshima by bus.
We used to be able to go from Matsuyama to Iwakuni by ferryboat about few years ago.
But, unfortunately, this ferryboat had been already discontinued.
I hope this ferryboat will be reopened.

At this time, before going back to my hometown, I visited Imabari City.
I could see Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi,and beautiful sea.

I think the sea around Imabari is more beautiful than that around Hiroshima.
I like sea and I heard that we could do the scuba diving at southern area of Ehime prefecture, called “Nanyo”.
So,next time, I would like to visit and do the scuba diving and go fishing.

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Pizza restaurant"Fermata" コメント(0)読む・投稿する
Last Saturday, I went to Jiyugaoka, which is famous shopping and gourmet spot in Tokyo. Now, I live near Jiyugaoka, so I often go there for shopping.
"Jiyugaoka official guide"

Today, I introduce one of my favorite shops called “Fermata”.
It is a pizza restaurant. We can eat a real delicious pizza at this store.

See attached picture.

Margerita (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil) 

It is so delicious!!

We can see that the chef is baking Pizza by firewood oven at the counter.

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Beautiful Fireworks コメント(2)読む・投稿する
I like fireworks.

Last weekends, a big fireworks display was held in Tokyo, at Sumida River.
There were so many people.
Well, about 10 years ago, I had been there and I could not walk enough.
I still remembered that there were so crowded that it took about 3 hours to cross the bridge which was about 30meters!

Well, I would like to watch the fireworks at ease, more comfortably.
But I guess while in Tokyo, it seems not so easy.

Attached picture is the works which I took last year at Yokohama.
This year, I plan to go to the fireworks display in Hakata Island.
I am looking forward to seeing.

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